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Panaka is a Private Label Product Sourcing Agency that works with global manufacturers to create your unique and innovative product formulations. 

We talk textures, scents, ingredients, and packaging for your Private Label Product. Panaka handles the entire request and advises you on the right tools and trends to create your own Private Label brand in an easy and efficient way.

With hands on experience in Private Label Project Services, Panaka Consulting will listen, advise and present. 

Private Label categories:

Skin care

Face Serums, Face Mists, Nordic Anti-Age Creams, Swiss Botanical Eye Serums, Skin Face Cushion, SPF Care, Moisturizers, Cleansers, Foaming Gel, Essense, Lip Care, Face Masks, Men`Skincare

Body care

Balms, Oils, Creams, Scrubs, Natural Deodorant, Foot Serum, Exfoliators, Body Wash, Hand Wash, Lotions, Waterless Shampoo, Waterless Body Wash, Organic Supplements

Hair care

Shampoo, Masks, Conditioner, Scalp Scrub, Hair Tonic, Hair Cream, Scalp Scrub, Hair Mist, Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, Hair Serum

Home care

Organic Cleaning Products, Ambiance Enhancers, Air Freshener, Glass Cleaning Spray, Organic Sauna Cleaning Spray, Wrinkle Release Spray, Organic Kitchen Spray

Do you have a special project in mind?

Custom Development

Private Label Colour Cosmetics, Oral Care, Custom Packaging, Private Label Feminine Hygiene Products & unique requests

Brand Development

Branding, Content Creation, Photography, Graphic Design, Cosmetic Regulation Registrations

Our task is to source the trending formulations, packaging styles and environmental conscious formulations for your own Private Label Brand.  Based in Switzerland, we have formed relationships with some of the most innovative skincare & cosmetic manufacturers in Europe and beyond. Get to discover how efficient our Private Label Product Sourcing is by sending us a request.

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    About us

    Panaka is a Swiss based, female founded agency specializing in Private Label Product Sourcing & Development. Panaka was formed to assist brands in getting started in the Private Label Beauty business. 

    Mako, the founder of Panaka Consulting holds a degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Major. Having worked with various global manufacturers in various sectors, this network and experience has helped form the basis of Panaka as a custom sourcing agency to help you get the product you need. 

    Panaka Consulting LLC (GmbH), 5018 Erlinsbach, Switzerland